On stage

Mother Earth Artists offer the opportunity to book stage productions, concerts and other music programs, as well as workshops, lectures, kick-offs and skills development training to venues, companies, municipalities, schools, museums, recreation centers or private parties, just to mention some examples. 

We customize programs, happenings, and events after request, or adapt one of our existing productions to a given concept. We also accept script orders or script adaptations.

Most welcome to contact us at info@motherearthartists.com. Please take note of the following video clips as an example.

- a musical saga about the world's top pop group who came to stay! 
The Beatles are probably the band that has left the greatest musical imprint, and their music are constantly being discovered by new generations. But the Beatles are not only about music, and to take part of their story is also an experience. 
Armand Gutheim have along all his career harbored a great admiration for the Beatles. Together with one or more musicians and the society The Beatles Information Center he performs no less than 40 of the Beatles great songs in a very personal way. He also shares The Beatles' exciting story with a series of anecdotes and "secret internal gossip" along with a quiz and prizes offered to an always enthusiastic audience. 
Here is an excerpt from a performance given at Pygméteatern in Stockholm on November 8th 2016 together with Hans Müller on bass and chairman Artillio Bergholtz from The Beatles Information Center.


©℗ 2016 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

- a musical epic in 21 parts composed by Armand Gutheim, here in a recording from a live performance at Culturen in the City of Västerås, Sweden, in September 2014. The music is performed by Armand Gutheim (vocals, synthesizers, percussion, sound effects) along with Hans Müller (cello, guitar, percussion, sound effects) and Charlotte Assarsson (vocals, percussion, sound effects).

©℗ 2014 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

celebrated at the Rålambshov's park in Stockholm. In a film recording from the amphitheater appears singer Sabina Gutheim, singer and pianist Armand Gutheim, guitarist Björn Cederqvist, bassist Per-Åke Olsson and drummer Tommi Siikasaari with a music program at the request from the city of Stockholm. 


©℗ 2013 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

with singer and pianist Armand Gutheim, singer Sabina Gutheim, saxophonist Yvan Auzely, bassist Hans Müller and percussionist Peter Lagergren in a film recording from the Civic House of Hjorthagen in Stockholm, in which they perform "Is Your Love in Vain" by Bob Dylan and "Lady Madonna" (by Lennon / McCartney.

©℗ 2012 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

with singer Sabina Gutheim and pianist Armand Gutheim in a film recording from the Church of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. They are here performing "Morning in Kungsholmen" and "Because You Exist" in a music program for different ecclesial contexts and celebrations - here at a wedding.

©℗ 2012 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

with singers and actors Emma Tranströmer and Armand Gutheim along with pianist Jan-Erik Sandvik and researcher Philip Runsten. This program raises the question of what actually happens at work. How can we contribute ourselves to a positive atmosphere and a successful work performance? This is a skills development program that mixes entertainment with research in a workshop on how we are all co-creators in our work environment.

©℗ 2011 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

with singer Armand Gutheim along with violinist Rimma Gotskosik and pianist Jan-Erik Sandvik in a mixed program with several of the world's great musical numbers, here in a recording from Västerås, including "The Gold Turned to Sand" from "Kristina from Duvemåla" and "If I Was a Rich Man" out of "Fiddler on the Roof".

©℗ 2010 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden

A fresh restoration and digitization of the original live recording of Northern Star's appearance with the "Rockshow Columbus" at Stockholm Water Events in August 11, 1993. An extract from the whole rock show with backing singers and dancers made for the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovery of a new continent and touring Sweden 1992 and 1993.
On stage: Armand Gutheim - lead vocals, Christian Adamsson - lead guitar, Dag Pierre - bass, Anders Nydell - keyboards, Per Rylén - drums, Camilla Denay and Patricia Viguurs - backing vocals and dancers in the choreography of Roine Söderlund. Performing "Fly High!", "Racism", "Magic Love" and "Columbus" from the rock show. 
Music & lyrics: Armand Gutheim. Presenter: Charlotte Assarsson. Photography: Ove Olsson Mollvik. Editing: Armand Gutheim.

©℗1993 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm Sweden