Dear friends!
Hip Hop has celebrated 50 years, but most people seem to have forgotten the original idea of getting the youth away from both streets and violence through music, dance, song, poetry and painting…
"Power Moves" is the new single with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra available on March 1st on all digital music services worldwide. It precedes the 2024’s new 10-tracks full length album “A Crazy World” which will be released on May 24th.
Most welcome to have a listen and we hope you'll all have a wonderful time with music!




Ett nytt år har precis börjat, och vi kan alla bara hoppas att 2024 blir ett bättre år än 2023, såväl på det globala planet som på det mer individuella, eller hur?...
För Mother Earth Artists del, kan vi i alla fall se fram emot både en kontinuerlig verksamhet liksom nya spännande projekt. 
Förutom Pilatesträningen i alla dess former, som startar igen nu efter årsskiftet i studion vid Fridhemsgatan 28 (Stockholm), så är först ut bland projekten detta år Armand Gutheim som ffg efter pandemin kommer att medverka med sex målningar vid utställning "Vi som var i Paris" på eminenta Galleri Svea, Köpmangatan 4 i Gamla Stan (Stockholm). 
Medverkar gör även ytterligare fem konstnärer, vilka i februari 2018 ingick i den Svenska Delegationen som representerade Sverige vid den internationella utställningen på Grand Palais i Paris.
Varmt välkomna att göra ett besök på Galleri Svea vid vernissagen den 26 januari eller någon gång under övriga tider enligt nedan.
A new year has just begun, and we can all just hope that 2024 will be a better year than 2023, both on a global level and on a more individual level, right?...
For Mother Earth Artists, we can in any case look forward to both continuous activities as well as new exciting projects.
Except for the Pilates training in all its forms, which starts again
now after the turn of the year in the studio at Fridhemsgatan 28 (Stockholm), first among the projects this year is Armand Gutheim, who for the first time since the pandemic will participate with six paintings at the exhibition "We who were in Paris" at the eminent Galleri Svea, Köpmangatan 4 at the Old town in Stockholm.
Also participating are five more artists who in February 2018 were part of the Swedish Delegation that represented Sweden at the international exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.
You are most welcome to visit Galleri Svea at the opening on January 26 or at any other time as listed below.



We at Mother Earth Artists wish you all a very Merry X-mas and a Happy 2024! 
©℗2023 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm Sweden

30th anniversary: Rockshow Columbus with Northern Star


Dear friends!
After the recent 20th anniversary of the making of the musical "The Glassblower's Children" in 2003, it's time for another anniversary!
We are happy to present a fresh restoration and digitization of the original video recording of Northern Star's appearance with "Rockshow Columbus" at Stockholm Water Events in August 11, 1993.
On stage: Armand Gutheim - lead vocals; Christian Adamsson - lead guitar, backing vocals; Dag Pierre - bass; Anders Nydell - keyboards, backing vocals; Per Rylén - drums; Camilla Denay and Patricia Viguurs - backing vocals + dancers in Roine Söderlund's choreography.
Performing "Fly High!", "Racism", "Magic Love" and "Columbus". 
Music & lyrics: Armand Gutheim.
Presenter: Charlotte Assarsson. Photography: Ove Olsson Mollvik. Editing: Armand Gutheim.

©℗1993 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm Sweden 



20th anniversary: The Glassblower's children!

Dear friends!

On July 5, 2023, the composer, friend and colleague Ralph Lundsten died, aged 87, and a week ago a memorial ceremony was held for him in Duvan's chapel at Boo church outside Stockholm.

20 years ago we collaborated by creating a musical together based on Maria Gripe's "The Glassblower's Children" to Ralph Lundsten's music, Armand Gutheim's dramatization, song lyrics and direction, Kristin Kåge's choreography, Nisse Skoog's set design, Charlotte Assarsson's costume design, and others.
This year, it is also 100 years since Maria Gripe was born... 

You now have the opportunity to enjoy the film recording that was made at the premiere on October 11, 2003 at the Vasa theater in Stockholm, produced by Bernt Lööf, here in a pristine restored and digitized version from 2023.

On stage: Albert - Glassblower: Tommy Widerberg; Sofia - his wife: Linda Krüger; Klas - their son: Theo Riise; Klara - their daughter: Sabina Gutheim; Flaxa Mildweather - Fortune teller: Ursula Jekell; Tilda - her daughter: Maria Lizell; Mr Wise
- Flaxa's companion: Istvan Kisch; The Ruler - landowner: Lars Fager; The Mistress - his wife: Charlotte Assarsson; The coachman - their employee: Göran Blomquist; Nana - their nanny: Norma Ahlqvist.

Let's give both Maria Gripe and Ralph Lundsten a warm thought...
Enjoy the film!


©℗2003 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm Sweden

500 years Anniversary of King Gustav Vasa!


För alla er som missade Stockholms Midsommardagsfirande genom 500-årsjubiléet av Gustav Vasas intåg i staden efter att ha besegrat danskarna, vilket kan ses som starten på det moderna Sverige som suverän nation, önskar vi er härmed mycket nöje att ta del av vår filmade dokumentation av den autentiska rekonstruktionen av intåget!
For all of you who missed Stockholm's Midsummer Day celebration with the 500th anniversary of king Gustav Vasa's entry into the city after defeating the Danes, which can be seen as the start of the modern Sweden as a sovereign nation, we hereby wish you a lot of pleasure in taking part in our filmed documentation of the authentic reconstruction of the entry! 
If you don't understand the Swedish language in the film, don't bother, just enjoy the costumes, the music, the singing, the dancing, and the whole sight of it all!...
Photography and editing: Armand Gutheim

©℗ 2023 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden


Armand thanks all the fans!


Armand thanks personally everyone for listening to his music! 

Why not do that you too, and experience his wonderful world of music?...
Have a listen at any digital music platform worldwide and watch his music videos at Mother Earth Artists' Youtube channel!

Welcome to discover Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra, and keep in touch at

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Dear Mother Earth Artists Friends!

We really want to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a really Happy New Year!
Let's hope that 2023 will bring more joy to the world than the 2020's has brought so far. 

You are all most welcome back to our website where you can take part of all our activities. Meanwhile, have a real good time!

Sincerely yours, Armand & Charlotte


©℗ 2022 Mother Earth Artists, Stockholm, Sweden.

New video: Heaven's Dove!


In time to wish you all a really happy Easter, we are proud to give you our new music video “Heaven’s Dove” with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra which premiered yesterday April 16, 2022. It's now available on Youtube and you're most welcome to watch it at any time!

The video is part of the new 10-tracks album “Dreams of Beyond”, recently released on April 8 on all major digital music platforms worldwide.

The thoughts behind the video: “Sometimes we may dream of what there is beyond the world we all can see…”

Most welcome, and we would as always be extremely happy if you would give your support by clicking the like and follow buttons. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful cozy musical moment! Peace and love!...


©℗ 2022 Mother Earth Artists, Stockholm, Sweden.

New album: Dreams of Beyond!


Mother Earth Artists are very happy to present the 2022’s new 10-tracks album “Dreams of Beyond” with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra, released today April 8, on all major digital music platforms worldwide.

The thoughts behind the album:

“Sometimes we all wonder what life is really about... What may exist beyond the world we all can see and what is hidden deep inside our own minds. Questions that arise when nothing seems to go our way or when we sadly lose someone close and dear. Mysteries that will probably never be fully answered despite the magical insights we may gain through life…”
The album is dedicated to all our missing loved ones...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the great musicians who have contributed to making the album what it has become:

Matts Alsberg (electric bass), Mikael Desselberger Wikman (drums), Charlotte Assarsson (percussion, backing vocals), Jonathan Segel (violin, mandolin), Yvan Auzely (saxophones), Simon Mårtensson (electric guitars), Peter Lagergren (harmonica), Sara Filiz (vocals) and Armand Gutheim (lead vocals, keyboards).
Featuring The Feel Harmonic Choir, a four-part choir with 20 singers conducted by Karl Nicklas Gustavsson.

Most welcome to listen to the album by clicking here on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, DEEZER or on any other digital music platform according to your wishes.

As always, we are extremely grateful if you would like to give your support by clicking on the like- and follow-buttons. Thank you so much, and we wish you a really nice musical moment!

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