BLASKAN'S FRIENDS – Micheles Kindh

Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra - A Crazy World

When you listen to music, you can get certain paths of association that the artist in question may not have intended. But this exquisite and beautiful mix of progressive and soulful rock leads to this.

It will be Manfred Mann's Earth band that first appears. Likewise, for the swing, I get a feeling of Bootsy Collins Rubber Band/Funkadelic. Also, a bit of Frank Zappa with a touch of Glenn Hughes' more funky parts of his music.

Well, here are ten songs of total energy and fluffy funk rock with such songs that sometimes make me think of the Swedish band The Night Flight Orchestra.

Light progressive floating rock and soul where everything is connected under the orchestral direction of Armand Gutheim. If Arthur Brown today had a swinging rock band behind him, this would be the one to create a real folk party.

Nice music for the summer party and the bar hang out.