Participating at the People and Culture convention in february 2021!


Welcome to visit People and Culture's digital convention on February 10th - 12th 2021 at and download the entire program right now!

Together with organizers from all over Sweden, including Mother Earth Artists, a fully packed program has been created that will hopefully inspire, provoke and arouse new thoughts. The content has been categorized according to themes and divided into different channels and will be available until 19 February.

Mother Earth Artists participates with a cultural program called "The Human Footprint", based on the music album released in the fall with an environmental theme. The show contains five music videos with short conversations in between that concerns music, environment, nature, climate, health and exercise.

We meet the artist and composer Armand Gutheim who discuss with Stefan B Nilsson (chairman of the association Food & Climate), Artillio Bergholtz (chairman of the association The Beatles Information Center), and Charlotte Assarsson (training instructor at Mother Earth Pilates).

Mother Earth Artists offers a cultural program with both entertaining music and singing as well as an important and serious subject which hopefully can help to evoke thoughts. The whole program takes about 40 min.


Welcome to visit the convention at!

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