New video: Follow that Flying Dove!

1989 is undoubtedly a unique and different year throughout the 1900s, and yet another in the line of important milestones. It is probably the first and only time in world history such a radical political revolution that took place just then, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, was not the result of any form of armed conflict.

Mother Earth Artists presents the new music video with music from the 13-tracks full length album "The Lost Memorial of the 1900s…" with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra released on December 15, 2018. This video, made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this extra ordinary event on November 9th, is based on a real community song by Armand Gutheim and reflects in some way the spirit of total change right then, in complete peace and consensus.

Starring in the video: Edward von Past, Armand Gutheim, Simon Mårtensson, Charlotte Assarsson, Yvan Auzely, Barbro Hedström, Tommy Widerberg and Kristin Kåge.

The album is available for streaming and download on SPOTIFY, iTUNES, DEEZER and any other major digital music services worldwide.
Music, lyrics & concept: Armand Gutheim. 
Musicians: Armand Gutheim, Hans Müller, Simon Mårtensson, Yvan Auzely, Charlotte Assarsson, Sabina Gutheim, Sven-Olov Persson, Niklas Rundquist, Peter Lagergren and the Nynäshamn Chamber Choir conducted by Karl Nicklas Gustavsson.

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