New releases are coming soon!


We are happy to announce the forthcoming release of “Dreams of Beyond” - 2022’s new 10-tracks full length album with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra. The concept is about what may exist beyond the world we all can see and what is hidden deep inside our own minds.

Music, lyrics and concept: Armand Gutheim.

Performed by Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra.

Musicians: Armand Gutheim, Matts Alsberg, Mikael Desselberger Wikman, Charlotte Assarsson, Jonathan Segel, Yvan Auzely, Simon Mårtensson, Peter Lagergren and Sara Filiz.

Featuring The Feel Harmonic Choir, a four-part choir with 20 singers, conducted by Karl Nicklas Gustavsson (r.i.p.).

The album will be available on all major digital music services worldwide from April 8th 2022, and from February 25th we start releasing three singles every second week and a brand new music video from the album in between. 
Most welcome!

2022 MOTHER EARTH ARTISTS, Stockholm, Sweden