New single: Keep on Sailing!


We are very happy to present 2022’s first 2-tracks single “Keep on Sailing” / “The Great Escape” with Armand Gutheim & The Feel Harmonic Rockestra, which is released today, February 25, on all major digital music platforms worldwide.

The single is preceding the release of the forthcoming full length album “Dreams of Beyond” about our dreams of what may exist beyond the world we all can see and what is hidden deep inside our own minds. The album will be released on April 8. 

The thoughts behind the single: "Deep in our minds we may sail, and what we unveil can be a new way forward. When city life becomes too hectic, escape may seem to be the only solution..."

Most welcome to listen to the single now by clicking here on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, DEEZER or on any other digital music platform according to your wishes.

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