30th anniversary: Rockshow Columbus with Northern Star


Dear friends!
After the recent 20th anniversary of the making of the musical "The Glassblower's Children" in 2003, it's time for another anniversary!
We are happy to present a fresh restoration and digitization of the original recording of Northern Star's appearance with the "Rockshow Columbus" at Stockholm Water Events in August 11, 1993.
On stage: Armand Gutheim - lead vocals, Christian Adamsson - lead guitar, Dag Pierre - bass, Anders Nydell - keyboards, Per Rylén - drums, Camilla Denay and Patricia Viguurs - backing vocals and dancers in Roine Söderlund's choreography.
Performing "Fly High!", "Racism", "Magic Love" and "Columbus". Music & lyrics: Armand Gutheim.
Presenter: Charlotte Assarsson. Photography: Ove Olsson Mollvik. Editing: Armand Gutheim.

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