20th anniversary: The Glassblower's children!

Dear friends!

On July 5, 2023, the composer, friend and colleague Ralph Lundsten died, aged 87, and a week ago a memorial ceremony was held for him in Duvan's chapel at Boo church outside Stockholm.

20 years ago we collaborated by creating a musical together based on Maria Gripe's "The Glassblower's Children" to Ralph Lundsten's music, Armand Gutheim's dramatization, song lyrics and direction, Kristin Kåge's choreography, Nisse Skoog's set design, Charlotte Assarsson's costume design, and others.
This year, it is also 100 years since Maria Gripe was born... 

You now have the opportunity to enjoy the film recording that was made at the premiere on October 11, 2003 at the Vasa theater in Stockholm, produced by Bernt Lööf, here in a pristine restored and digitized version from 2023.

On stage: Albert - Glassblower: Tommy Widerberg; Sofia - his wife: Linda Krüger; Klas - their son: Theo Riise; Klara - their daughter: Sabina Gutheim; Flaxa Mildweather - Fortune teller: Ursula Jekell; Tilda - her daughter: Maria Lizell; Mr Wise
- Flaxa's companion: Istvan Kisch; The Ruler - landowner: Lars Fager; The Mistress - his wife: Charlotte Assarsson; The coachman - their employee: Göran Blomquist; Nana - their nanny: Norma Ahlqvist.

Let's give both Maria Gripe and Ralph Lundsten a warm thought...
Enjoy the film!


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