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The Human Footprint - musical journey on risks and opportunities

Stefan B Nilsson
/editor-in-chief Food & Climate



 The album is about the state of the planet, awareness of the environment,
climate, nature and how we treat life on earth


The climate and environmental crisis and humans' ongoing enormous footprint on the planet are becoming a more common theme for artists and cultural workers. The recently released album "The Human Footprint" by versatile Armand Gutheim and The Feel Harmonic Rockestra is a good example of that when it comes to music.


Music in the era of the climate crisis

Armand Gutheim himself has written the music and lyrics on this concept album, which is available on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services. The album is an exciting musical journey. Music in particular is an underestimated means of highlighting the seriousness of the impending environmental and climate crisis, and Gutheim is succeeding well. In addition to Armand Gutheim, also Hans Müller, Charlotte Assarsson, Yvan Auzely and others are participating.

The album is just over an hour long, with a total of 21 tracks, of which five are vocal. Armand Gutheim's music has a large content of electronics and musicals and is clearly influenced by progressive rock (groups such as Yes and Alan Parsons Project). The Feel Harmonic Rockestra uses ingenious and varied synthesizers in the music and to illustrate tracks with names such as: Urban Adventures, Poisoned Waters, Reduced Nature, Temperature Increase and Alternative Futures.

According to Armand Gutheim, there are great risks but also extensive opportunities
in the fateful times we are now facing.


- The album is about the state of the planet, awareness of the environment, climate, nature and how we treat life on earth. That's why it's called The Human Footprint. You can compare the album with a stage show, with action, message, tone and color. I have strived for a kind of balance - the situation humanity is in involves great risks, but there are also opportunities to actually influence in a positive direction, he explains to Food & Climate.


What about the Human footprint? 

Shortly after the album was released, Armand and The Feel Harmonic Rockestra also released five follow-up music videos on Youtube and all other social media. Two of the videos are called What About The Human Footprint? and Being On Cloud 9.

You can listen to the album and watch the videos on Armand Gutheim's website and Youtube channel.

/Stefan B. Nilsson 

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